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The 6 Best Nudist (FKK) Beaches of Croatia

By Budget Travel inc
August 22, 2017

1936 marks the beginning of naturism in Croatia. The king of England, King Edward VIII, sun bathed nude on the beach of Kandarola on Rab Island. The many hidden coves with pebbly or sandy beaches of Croatia are conducive to nude sun bathing and swimming. This is why Croatia has designated several secluded and family oriented beaches as official FKK (Freikörperkultur) naturism/nude beaches. Following are six of the best nude beaches on the Adriatic of Croatia for your next vacation.

FFK Beach One: Ostupa Beach (Orebić, Peljesac)

For years, Peljesac Peninsula has been one of the most popular and visited tourist hot spots in Croatia. This peninsula boasts the location of the pebbly beach Ostupa. As well as this very popular beach location, Peljesac Peninsula has the added attractions of Dubrovnik close by, fantastic local seafood, Plavic red wind and many other exciting beaches like Trstenica Beach to while your summer day away. While your summer days are whiling away at Ostupa Beach or Trstenica Beach you are surrounded by rich, lush pine forests to take shade and escape the heat of your summer vacation.

FFK Beach Two: Nugal Beach (Tucepi, Makarska Riviera)

When you have finished visiting Peljesac and Ostupa Beach take a trip over to the Makarska Riviera. That is where you will find the gorgeously secluded beach of Nugal in Tucepi. Nugai Beach is number two of the popular FKK beaches of Croatia. The path to the beach is well trod. It is the pathway that passes through Osejava forest, which connects Makarska with Tucepi.  A good pair of walking shoes is recommended for the trek along this path as the terrain can be tenuous. Also, shade is at a premium at Ostupa Beach. Bring lots of sunscreen and your own shade. The beach may be a wee bit difficult to get to and lack natural shade, but it is worth it. It is very privately secluded and far from all those clicking cameras and goo goo eyes.

FFK Beach Three: Paklina Beach (Bol, Brac)

Pakline Beach in Bol on the island of Brac is located just west of the ever popular Zlatni ratl Beach. This beach is made up of several small and secluded coves that are perfect for swimming nude. There is also an amazing view of Zlatni ratl. When you tire of Pakline Beach you can take a leisurely walk to the fine pebbly beach of Zlantni ratl. Be sure to pack your lunch as there are not any nearby restaurants or retail food outlets.

 FFK Beach Four: Jerolim Beach (Paklinski otoci, Hvar)

Quite near to the city of Hvar, on the Paklinski Islands, is a nudist beach on the small uninhabited island of sv. Jerolim. Seclusion is the operative word here. Jerolim Beach was voted one the top15 nudist beaches of the world. Getting to sv. Jerolim  is easy. Just take a private boat or a water taxi. The taxis depart from Hvar Harbour a few times per day during the high season and the trip is a mere twenty minutes. Jerolim Beach is a full, officially designated FKK Croatian beach with full signage. To further enjoy this secluded island/beach, you have restaurants and convenient showers. When you grow weary of this beach you may consider the nearby beach of Slipanska. 

FFK Beach Five: Sahara Beach (Rab)

The island of Rab boasts several sandy beaches. You will discover almost all of these sandy beaches in Lopar. All the sand on all the beaches of Lopar brings tourists from all over the globe. One of the most popular beaches is Sahara Beach. Yes, it is named after the desert. After enjoying the beach of Rajska, you may wish to venture on down to the Sahara. It is mere, pleasnat 30 minute walk from Rajska Beach.

 FFK Beach Six: Kandarola Beach (Rab)

The FFK naturist beach Kandarola in Palit, on Rab Island, is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the Adriatic. This beach began its international reputation when the king of England, Edward Vlll, took the sun here nude in 1936. There are plenty of things to do Kandarola Beach. There are a multitude of bars, restaurants for the grown-ups. There are water slides and sandy volleyball courts for the younger, more active sun bathers. This beach may be a wee bit crowded in the high season due to its ever increasing popularity with tourists on vacation from all around the world.




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