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The 6 best beaches on Korcula Island, Croatia

July 27, 2017

All 182 kilometers of Korcula Island's coastline has beach secrets for the adventurous tourist. You will discover pebbly beaches on the north of the island while leaving the sandy beaches for further discovery on the south coast of Korcula Island.

Beach One: Proizd Beach on Proizd Island

Proizd Island is a small island that is part of the Korcula archipelago. Proizd Beach took the title of the "best beach" on the Croatian Adriatic in 2017. The vote came in because of its crystal clear water that is a totally unreal turquoise colour. Pine trees and large flat stones surround this sandy beach making it one the more romantic beaches of the world.

Proizd Island is uninhabited making it a perfect example Mediterranean wilderness and nature. You are able to access Proizd from Vla Luka via a 30 minute boat ride a few times per day. Once on Proizd Island, you must explore all the other beaches to fully experience the feeling of running away from all the summer touristy places and relax on this secluded little islet. 

Beach two: Pupnatska Luka

It has been decided. Pupnatska Luka Beach is on of the most beatiful beaches on Korcula Island. The water at the beach is so clear that it appears almost transparent. It is totally surrounded by lush green forests. The green of the forest and blue of the sea immediately creates this wonderful fairy tale contrast. This picturesque beach is approximately 15 K distant from Korcula Town and is accessible by a quaint old world bumpy road. In spite of its seclusion there is still a small restaurant for earthly treats.

Beach three: Banje Beach in Korcula Town

Korcula Town offers a variety of accommodations. Once you have checked into your vacation holiday home rental, pension or apartment, you may wish to take in a refreshment to escape the heat of the summer. This is the perfect time to stroll down to the promenade to Benje Beach. It may be a wee bit busy during the summer tourist season, but this beach has plenty of things to do for families with wee ones.

Beach four: Vela Przina Beach

This delightfully sandy beach in Lumbarda and is a mere 15 minutes from Korčula Tow. Its sandiness, proximity and exclusiveness makes this beach one of the most sought after beaches in Croatia. Here too, it is a little crowded in peak tourist season. You may find it better to enjoy this very popular beach with an early morning swim or a cool swim in the dark of the moonlight.

Beach five: Istruga Beach

The therapeutic healing mud of Istruga Beach in Lumbarda gives this beach its popularity. If you are not into the healing mud you will still enjoy it here among the shade of the pines on its sandy shores. If the mud, the shade of the pine trees and the sandy beach are too much for you, you may enjoy a Croatian seafood nosh at a local restaurant.

Beach six: Bilin Zal Beach

Another sandy beach in Lumbarda is Bilin Zal Beach. It is very popular with families and children. Make sure bring your sun screen, sun gear or rent a beach umbrella as there is no natural shade at Bilin Zal Beach. This beach is a great beach for the whole day for the whole family because of the local cafe, the nearby restaurant and the small super market.

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